Custom Forming  
Often unique shapes are required to be formed in concrete that cannot be formed using standard modular sized forms. In this case a form can be designed using wood. These can either be braced internally or used with thru-ties.

A circular elbow going into a tunnel with a circular
cross section for a project in Boston, MA.

A spherical segment of a fountain on a Frank Lloyd
Wright designed building in Madison, WI.
Odd shapes that require high reuse are often formed using steel forms that can be hinged for easy removal.

Top Left: Flexible “Floating Mooring Bit” forms used in the lock face replacement project at Lockport, IL

Right: Hinged column form used at the "Harold Washington Library" project in Chicago, IL. Very carefully colored concrete with very deep corner treatments were required.

Half segment of a vertical shaft in the Deep Tunnel Project in Chicago, IL