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Tru-Hoist Platform System

This innovative hoisting system with retractable lookouts by Forming Concepts is designed to accomplish four things:

  • Make Your Project More Efficient
  • Make Your Project Safer
  • Make Your Projects More Cost Effective
  • Reduce Delays and Dependency of Tower Crane

This F.C.I. TRU-HOIST is an electric powered retractable deck loading system with it's own hoist.

  • Adaptable to accomodate your floor heights
  • Flexibility to be used independent of crane
  • Reduction in manpower standby delays
    • Improved efficiency
    • Speed of material handling
    • Reduced fatigue on workers
    • Reduces potential injury/Workman's Comp. Expenses
  • Complete safety/use orientation by authorized FCI Personnel
  • Certification of your designated authorized users
  • NO operator engineer required
  • Can hoist and land up to 8,000 lb. payload