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**New** Introducing Tru-Hoist Platform System to Forming Concepts!!

Tru-Hoist is an innovative hoisting system with retractable lookouts

Tru-Hoist is designed to make your project

  • More efficient
  • Safer
  • More cost effective

Tru-Hoist will reduce delays and dependency of tower crane!

The Tru-Hoist is an electric powered retractable lookout loading system with its own hoist.

Available to rent at Forming Concepts, Inc.

Please call for information:

Tru Hoist

Tru Hoist

New Tru-TechTM Self Rising Form System

This new, patent applied for, Tru-Tech
TM system incorporates many of the best features of the companies previous Tru-Lift TM forming system, now widely in use, with new technologies and component improvements. These new features will simplify use of the system and lower labor costs yielding a more accurate, better-constructed structure at lower costs. The Tru-Tech system employs state-of-the-art Bluetooth® wireless communications along with laser positioners to keep the system level and on line. The new touch screen control monitor allows the operator to dial in the lift height desired, see the exact position of every hydraulic cylinder, monitor the voltage of the operating system and see the elapsed time of the lift all on one screen. The need for water levels or other measuring devices has been eliminated. The new system incorporates built-in diagnostics and fault checks.

The new Tru-Tech system will make competitive systems obsolete.  We expect other releases of patent pending items in the near future including a brand new shear-wall self-climbing system and a new design coil insert at half the costs of currently used inserts”.

For more information:

847-426-5164 Fax

E-mail: fci@formingconcepts.com


New Introducing Meva Clamp Form systems to Forming Concepts

Forming Concepts has finalized a deal with CMC out of Houston, TX. to distribute their Meva forms in the Chicagoland area. CMC is the largest owner of Meva equipment in the United States.

Those of you who are familiar will know that Meva forms are faced with Alkus. Alkus is a unique, all-plastic facing with a 7 year Long-Term warranty. The facing is nailable like plywood, yet is repairable, 100% recyclable and quick to clean even on-site.

Three systems; Meva Imperial , MevaLite, and MevaDec will be stored in our Gilberts, IL. yard. We are excited to offer Meva to our customers as we believe it is a leader in the field.

We will also have the Meva accessories such as the single sided bracing frames available.

All of the CMC Meva equipment is available now for sale or rental.

For more information:
Call us at: 847-426-4400
Or email: fci@formingconcepts.com