Self-Rising Forms  

The Tru-Lift System has been used for over 170 cores on sites all over the country

The Tru-Lift Elevator Shaft Form eliminates much of the crane time problem because once it is assembled; there is no need for a crane to lift it from floor to floor

This unique form makes use of high capacity hydraulic jacks which can lift the entire shaft form, both interior and exterior at one time up to 15' 6". The lifting operation is controlled from a central control board.  

Several levels of scaffolding can be designed so various trades can complete their work as the form is raised.

Depending on how the building is designed and the construction schedule, the Tru-Lift form can be designed to complete the entire elevator shaft ahead of the building or go up with the building.


Each jack is monitored with
water levels to
ensure that the
entire form is lifted level. Lasers are recommended to plumb the form
as it resets at
each floor.
It generally takes
only about 25
minutes to lift the entire form one floor.

Take a look at how the
Tru-Lift System works

New Tru-Tech II
Self-Rising Form System

TRU-TECH II the latest patented development from Forming Concepts. TRU-TECH II eliminates the need for outdated water level controls. In addition to prompting the operator to keep the form system level it allows the operator to know the height that the form system has raised and notifies the operator when proper lift height has been reached. TRU-TECH II is standard on all our self-lifting form systems.




Self-Rising Form

This new, patented (#8,020,271), Tru-TechTM system incorporates many of the best features of the companies previous Tru-Lift TM forming system, now widely in use, with new technologies and component improvements. These new features will simplify use of the system and lower labor costs yielding a more accurate, better-constructed structure at lower costs. The Tru-Tech system employs state-of-the-art communications along with laser positioners to keep the system level and on line. The new touch screen control monitor allows the operator to dial in the lift height desired, see the exact position of every hydraulic cylinder, monitor the voltage of the operating system and see the elapsed time of the lift all on one screen. The need for water levels or other measuring devices has been eliminated. The new system incorporates built-in diagnostics and fault checks.

Each cylinder is laser guided to achieve a computer accurate form rise.


Tru-Tech (patent pending) Controlling a
600,000 lb. Lift