Vertical Wall Tru-Wall
Tru-Wall - For One-Sided Wall Forming 
The Tru-Wall forming system is in essence a slip form for vertical concrete. The system is similar to the horizontal slip form used for median barriers except only one side for the form moves. Vertical strong backs are placed approximately 7 or 8 foot on centers with walkway brackets attached for easy access as the moving form rises. These strong backs are connected together so that they along with the scaffolding can be moved as a unit to the next pour position. The horizontal form is raised with the use of electrical powered winching devices. The benefits of the Tru-Wall forming system are that there are virtually no penetrations through the poured concrete wall. Because of the small form height most of the high loads experienced with one sided forming are eliminated. No large expensive anchors are required for its use. The use of large heavy braced forms is eliminated. Engineers and designers like the Tru-Wall system because it requires quality concrete to be used. Honeycombing is eliminated and there is no segregation of the concrete aggregate during concrete placement. The finish on the concrete surface is determined by the job needs. It can be anything from a walk away finish that will be covered after construction to a steel trowel finish for exposed or architectural use. The Tru-Wall forming system is fast allowing 120 linear feet of wall 14 foot high to be poured in one day.
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