Vertical Wall Tru-Beam Gangs
Tru-Beam Flat Wall 

The Tru-Beam has been used on a variety of projects such as deep foundations, high-rise buildings, tunnels, shafts, retaining walls, sewage treatment plants, reservoir, water treatment plants and many others.

The basic components of this system are 2 " x 7 " laminated wood beams engineered for a safe working load of 1200 P.L.F. on a six foot span.

Backing these beams with 8" double steel channel wales spaced six feet on center and facing the form with at least " Struc I plywood, allows ties (taper ties or she bolts) to be spaced up to six feet vertically and horizontally. With Tru-beams spaced 12" center to center, the resulting form has a safe working load of 1200 P.S.F. or an eight foot liquid head of concrete.

Forming Concepts believes this design pressure is a good balance between form weight and cost and concrete placing costs. The typical flat Tru-beam gang will weigh about 15# P.S.F. To design a form for a greater safe working load would cost more and add to the weight, which we felt was not necessary for most jobs.

However, when necessary with a change in the spacing of the Tru-beams, wales and ties, a form can be designed for a safe working load of 2000 P.S.F. or more.

Many projects such as wastewater treatment plants call for walls with haunches at the top or bottom or both. Specifically designed channel wales can be fabricated to accommodate those shapes.

Various types of plywood, M.D.O., H.D.O. or Finn form can be used to face a Tru-beam gang depending on the number of uses and the concrete finish required. With careful fabrication, and a minimum of ties required, a walk-away finish on the concrete can be achieved with a minimum of labor.

The other advantage of the wide tie spacing is the reduction in labor to set and strip Tru-beam gangs. Studies have shown (see Concrete Construction Magazine January 1986) that as much as 38% of the cost of a concrete structure is related to form labor. With almost 40% of that attributed to tie labor needed to handle, set, strip and patch ties.

All in all the Tru-beam gang form system is one of the most cost efficient systems available today.
Tru-Beam Circular Wall 

One of the more difficult concrete structures to form is a round tank such as found on wastewater treatment plants.

Forming Concepts has tried a number of different approaches to this problem using Tru-beam gangs. Based on results a reported from various superintendents and foreman, using vertical Tru-beams backed with double steel channel wales and shaped with wood packing wales, turned out to be the most cost effective method.

What most contractors prefer is to have the forms fabricated in gangs the full height of the tank walls in widths from 8' to 12'. The small additional cost to strip gangs of this size is more than offset by the savings in job site labor when these gangs can just be unloaded from a truck and set in place.

If a job has wall heights that are fairly close but different radii, the packing wales can be changed to accommodate them.

Sometimes tanks on a treatment plant will have troughs projecting out from the walls. Forming Concepts has designed several methods to take care of this situation with a minimum of labor.