Meva Imperial Gang Forms

Meva Imperial Gang Form

Meva Imperial is a high quality clamp form system for large forming areas can be achieved with just a few panels. This system provides optimum worker safety on industrial and civil engineering construction sites. Features include:

  • Easy detailing with heights of 12’, 8’, 4’ & 2’ widths of 8’, 4’, 3’-6”, 3’, 2’-6”, 2’, 1’-6”, and 1’ ; panels horizontally and vertically symmetric
  • High load capacity
  • Innovative, time saving clamp system: joins and aligns with just a few hammer blows
  • All plastic facing requiring no re-facing and providing a superior finish
  • Uses 1 ¼” – 1” taper ties or she-bolts & 7/8” thru bolts.
  • Horizontal multi-function profiles with built in Dywidag threaded nuts for attachment of diagonal braces, steel rails and walkway brackets
  • ½” vertical tie off bar, solidly welded-in on every panel for safe working on the formwork.
  • notch for easy shifting and lifting.
  • Transportation holes for moving stacked panels, easy pre-assembly of gangs
  • Easy to clean