Products and Systems

Tru-beam Gang Forms

Tru-beam gang forms are the most proven system in the industry. Assuring versatility, durability, and strength makes them the best custom built form available. Designed by Forming Concepts in 1985, they have been used in many different configurations worldwide.

Tru-beam Curved Gangs

Tru-Beam Curved forms are custom built to any radius of forming. Accessories provide adequate access to pour and ensure rigidity of forms.

RollBack Frames

Rollback Frames are a crane handled jump form system intended for concrete shearwall applications for straight or radius walls. The system allows the contractor to rollback forms for cleaning without having to lower to the ground between lifts.

Tru-wall: One Sided Form

The Tru-Wall Forming System is a versatile, labor and cost saving slip form for vertical concrete. Horizontal  panels are raised using electrically powered winches. Low concrete pressures minimize the need for bracing.

Tru-lift: Self-Rising System

Patent No. (8,020,271)

FCI offers three self rising systems. Once assembled, there is no need for a crane to lift the forms from floor to floor, reducing crane time. These systems are designed to complete an entire core either ahead of the floor slab or with the floor slab.

Mod-U-Lift:  Self-Rising System

Patent No. (9,279,260)

The Mod-U-Lift Computerized Self-Rising Form System utilizes Meva Imperial Forms. This system reduces crane time and provides a modular fix to cores that change shape. Mod-U-Lift is designed to complete the entire core ahead of the floor slabs.


This 10K Steel Shoring System can be used with either timber or aluminum beams.

Bridge Decks

Forming Concepts has developed an innovative and cost effective method for addressing bridge decks.

Column Forms

Heavy duty column forms develop an exceptionally smooth, hard surface remarkably free of voids and with a minimum number of indistinct seams. Forms available in a variety of sizes.

Custom Wood Forms

Custom wood forms can be built to accommodate any shape and size. The forms can be utilized for both single and double sided applications.