Tru-lift: Self-Rising System

(Patent No. 8,020,271)

Tru-Lift Self Rising System Tru-Lift Self Rising System Tru-Lift Self Rising System Tru-Lift Self Rising System

FCI offers three self rising form systems that once assembled there is no need for a crane to lift the forms from floor to floor, reducing crane time. These systems are designed to complete an entire core either ahead of the floor slab or with the floor slab.


The basic system includes traditional power panel control systems; water levels; manual stripping corners with pins, and standard capacity jacks.


Upgraded systems include FCI’s patented Tru-level computerized, control panel, and position sensors. This electronically monitors the position of each hydraulic cylinder and prompts the operator to turn on or off individual cylinders if the need arises. The monitor also tells the operator how high the lift has progressed since the lift started.  Upgraded systems also include FCI’s patent pending sealed hydraulic stripping corners which replace the pins and the corner plates. It also allows all the stripping corners in one core to be stripped or reset in 15 seconds without climbing the form. Other features of the upgraded systems include wifi enabled with remote troubleshooting, a weatherproof shed to house the computer control system, built in access doors to each core box if doorways allow, larger grid spacing to ease rebar installation, availability of high capacity 110K jacks, adjustable form and jack support brackets, on site field service and training, optional patent pending hinged outside platform that eliminates the need for dowel bar splices & rebar stay boxes, deck extensions for outside stair access to lower platforms, oil reservoirs separate from pumps to allow for quick pump replacement, and an optional lower support structure to trolley in stairs or beams below the form system.