One Sided Form: Tru-wall System

Tru-wall System Tru-wall System

Tru-beam gangs have been used on a variety of projects such as deep foundations, high-rise buildings, tunnels, shafts, retaining walls, sewage treatment plants, reservoir, water treatment plants, and many others.


The basic components of this system are 3/4" plywood attached to    2 1/4" x 7 1/4" laminated wood beams. Backing these beams with 8" double steel channel wales.


The advantage of the wide tie spacing is the reduction in labor to set and strip custom built Tru-beam gangs. Studies have shown that as much as 38% of the cost of a concrete structure is related to form labor, with almost 40% of form labor to handle, set, strip, and patch ties.


Specifically designed channel wales can be fabricated for walls with haunches at the top or bottom to accommodate a variety of shapes.


Various types of plywood, M.D.O., H.D.O., or phenolic coated birch, are available, depending on the number of uses and the concrete finish required.